Celina manhandled by Tusshar Kapoor

Mumbai, June 05: Tusshar Kapoor is too much of a good boy to let anything get in the way of his work. Professional to a fault, he won’t let anything or anyone to bring the shooting to a halt not even his best buddy Celina Jaitly.

When provoked this seedha and shaant boy can get quite ferocious as Celina discovered. Recently, the actor had a showdown with her, followed by a cold war for a few days.

Tusshar reveals, “We were rehearsing for the song Achcho Ki Kya Logi Kya for Run Bhola Run along with Govinda and Ameesha. I wanted our steps to be perfectly synchronised so a few minutes before the song was to be shot, we were rehearsing the steps with choreographers Bosco-Caesar.

I guess in my quest for perfection, I might’ve grabbed her arm tightly. The next day, she accused me of having bruised her hand so badly that she almost had to take a break from shooting!” This irritated Tusshar.

I’ll prove it!

He continues, “She showed the purple-and-blue bruises on her hands. I told her all heroines complain that heroes hurt them but she must have hurt herself while working out. Celina got really upset and started screaming for the choreographers and her make-up guy to come over and prove that I had done it.” to which the actor said: “Then why do you wear such stupidly high heels which made it difficult for us to match steps?”

Angry words were exchanged from both sides, after which they stopped speaking to each other.
Celina says, “Tusshar not only bruised my hands but broke my bangle which my designer found difficult to replace. And then he refused to believe that he had hurt me so badly. I didn’t speak to him for three days; we even ignored each other when we met at a party too.”

She adds that it was Tusshar who made the first move to patch up. “Tusshar broke the ice after three days. It’s true he’s a sweetheart and a perfectionist but he should know that he can’t hurt dainty girls.”