Celebrities criticise Kanye West for meeting Trump

Washington: Celebrities are slamming Kanye West left, right and center for his meeting with United States President Donald Trump.

The ‘Ye’ rapper, in his meeting with Trump, covered everything from mental health to prison reform to Second amendments to North Korea. Getting a little too emotional and overwhelmed on this big day, West even said that he viewed Trump as a “father figure”

According to a report by Variety, West mentioned that putting on the “Make America Great Again” hat, made him feel like a “Superman” who is ready to help the world.

However, all this did not go well with the Twitterati as many celebrities tweeted their displeasure over the meeting.

Comedian Chelsea Handler, taking a jibe at the West’s ‘father figure’ statement, wrote, “Kanye West says he thinks of Trump as a father. Guess who doesn’t think of Kanye as a son?”

While people are showing their dislike over the meeting, it seems like West and President Trump had a lot of fun. The budding bromance was tangible as both of them continued to praise each other throughout the meeting.