Celebratory firing claims another life in Bihar

Patna:One more life was lost in celebratory firing in Bihar at a wedding ceremony. This is the third such case in the past 10 days even after the state government banned such activities following guidelines by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Golu Kumar, 20, a videographer (photographer), died after being hit by a bullet late on Friday at Karorichak village in Patna, the police said.

He was recording a marriage procession near the bride’s house when someone drunk opened indiscriminate fire. Bullets hit Kumar on the head and neck and he died, Sanjay Kumar Pandey, a district police officer, said.

Celebratory firing is prevalent among the Rajputs as well as Yadavs, Kurmis and Kushwaha among others during traditional marriage ceremonies.

Only three days ago, a 21-year-old dancer, Akriti Singh, had died after being hit by a bullet at Viratpur village in Saharsa district.