Those who celebrated Pak’s win should go there: Minorities Panel Chief

Meerut: While answering the journalist about reports of celebrations in parts of India after Pakistan’s win, National Commission for Minorities (NCM) Chairman Ghairul Hasan Rizvi said, those who celebrated the Pakistan team’s victory in the recently concluded ICC Champions Trophy final should go and live there.

The NCM chairman was in the Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut to attend an iftar party on Tuesday, HT reported.

“Some people in India reportedly likened Pakistan’s victory to Eid before Eid. I was asked about it… So, I said those who feel happy about Pakistan’s victory should go and live there or they can be sent packing for their hearts lie in that country,” he added.

The newly appointed Panel Chief further said if he had refused to comment on the query, it would have meant that he ‘supported’ the celebrations by those who live in India but enjoy Pakistan’s win.

“I feel those who did so, were on the wrong side. Therefore, I said what I said,” said the former leader of the BJP’s minority wing.

As per the media reports, 15 people were arrested on sedition charges after they allegedly celebrated the neighbouring country’s victory. A similar case was reported also from Kerala where 23 persons were charged on a complaint by a BJP leader.