Celebrate smarter Diwali with ‘Betty’ smart plug tech solutions

New Delhi[India]: The launch of a smart plug Betty – a smart plug that helps you control and monitor home appliances using Smartphone anywhere, anytime.

Betty has been launched by Beyond Evolution Tech Solutions that was recently in the news for their foray into the IoT space and their recent round of funding.

Beyond, having worked for some highly creditable clients like Softbank, Honda Motors & Air India has used their Mobile Expertise, coupled with their IoT knowledge to launch their first product in their IoT platform be-connected.

Betty can help customers manage this chaos by bringing their appliance on to their smartphones Betty can help people manage their geyser from the mall or put a scheduler on the water motor pump to turn it ON and OFF automatically.

A plug and play device, customers can simply buy Betty online, plug in the appliance, download the be-connected app and switch ON-OFF from anywhere, anytime.

Energy saving, convenience and security being major concerns, Betty can help with its multiple features like turn the appliance ON-OFF remotely, control any appliance, monitor your savings and energy consumption, receive intruder alerts using motion sensor ,set scheduler for automatic ON-OFF, receive notifications, manage and restrict users.

Betty is available online at price of Rs. 2,499.

Betty communicates with the mobile app on Smartphone using GSM connectivity.

“We wanted to make IoT products that provide solution to day to day real life issues and are tailored for the Indian consumer. A lot of research went into market understanding and technology availability while developing our first solution – Betty the smart plug and the be-connected mobile app that it operates on,” said CEO and Co-founder, Saurabh Sharma.(ANI)