Celebrate all India handicrafts week online

New Delhi [India]: Fashion marketplace Voonik, announced its Weaver connect drive to bring more handloom weavers online, during the All India Handicrafts Week.

The platform already has the largest online collection of more than 10000 unique handloom sarees. The company connects thousands of weavers from eight major handloom clusters (Kanchipuram, Uppada, Pochampalli, Gadwal, Sambalpur, Banaras,Arani,Chanderi) to its 20 million plus customers .

Silk saree is one of the most popular categories in handloom products. Voonik has created a dedicated curated store, Picksilk.com where customers can shop from more than 8000 pure silk sarees that come from quality certified authentic weavers and master weavers.

Voonik has setup a special helpline for connecting weavers to online shoppers.

They have three lending partners Capital float, Indifi and Lending Kart who provide short term working capital loans to our vendors and sellers. These loans are not only collateral free, they are also disbursed within a couple of days, anywhere in the country. During the handloom week, these lending partners will prioritise the handloom weavers.

Speaking about the initiative, Voonik COO, Mr Raghu Lakkapragada said, ” Handloom weavers across the country have not benefited from the ecommerce boom, due to the lack of technical infrastructure and expertise. For selling a product online, the weaver has to shoot products, process the images for use on digital media and write a description in English. Often the weavers don’t have the resources to meet these requirements. At Voonik, we handhold these weavers through the process, arrange for product description and photo shoots and generate online traffic for them through digital spends.”

“Buying a handloom product is a deeply engaging activity. For example every hand woven silk saree is unique. We custom make these sarees for our customers. After an order is placed, we keep sharing the weaving process with the customer, through pictures and videos. Our customers find this endearing and they love the personal touch,” he continued.

Adding, “Handicraft and handloom are national heritage, we strongly believe with the right ecommerce platform, these products can delight millions of customers globally and help out the weavers, artisans and craftsmen to scale up their business and ride the growth wave of Indian Economy.” (ANI)