Cebu town Mayor shot dead in office

Manila: Mayor Mariano Blanco of Ronda Town, Cebu was shot dead by unidentified gunman in his office building in the wee hours of Wednesday.

Al Jazeera, citing local media reported that Blanco, who had been accused by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte of being involved in drug trade, was killed by four unidentified attackers who arrived at the town hall in a white van.

According to the report, the gunmen ordered the two security escorts guarding Blanco’s office to drop on the ground and then went into the mayor’s office, following which a burst of gunfire was heard before the attackers escaped.

Blanco’s lifeless body was later found inside his office by employees.

The Mayor had been reportedly staying in his office as a security precaution since President Duterte linked him to the drug trade.

Provincial police said the investigation is underway and they have yet to identify any possible suspects or motive.

The incident comes months after town’s vice-mayor, Jonah John Ungab, was also killed by unidentified gunmen and two months after the mayors of Tanauan and General Tinio were shot dead, reported CNN.

Police said it is unclear if any of the incidents are linked.