CCTV footage: Truck crushes two students after the bike hit road divider

Hyderabad: In a road accident, two students were killed and one was injured when their bike hit a road divider and they fell under a truck going on the other side of the road which crushes them on Saturday. The accident took place at Bowenpally.

Three students were going on a Yamaha motorbike with a greater speed. According to eyewitnesses, the rider lost control of the bike as he was driving fast. The boys were not wearing helmets.

YouTube video

After checking CCTV footage, Bowenpally police stated that the youths were driving very rashly which led to accident.

According to the police, R. Anirudh (19), an Intermediate second year student and his friend Vishwa Chary (20) a student of degree first year died on the spot. Akhil who was driving the bike was seriously injured. He was rushed to hospital.

The dead bodies of two victims were shifted for autopsy and police registered a case.

According to the news published in DC, a preliminary investigation revealed that it was the fault of road design. The road has a steep curve, where drivers could not control vehicles easily.