This CCTV footage captures how Smartphone explodes

Indonesia: Many of us had listened about exploding of smartphones, even few saw images of completely destroyed phones. However, we rarely see the moment when phone catches fire.

A CCTV footage which went viral on the internet shows the moment when the phone caught fire. In the footage, a phone which was inside the pocket of a hotel’s employee in Indonesia can be seen catching phone. His phone burst into flames.

It can also be seen that the employee felt the heat before it exploded. Unluckily, the phone blows up in his face.

Within a fraction of the time, hotel employee reacted and removed his t-shirt while the phone was still inside its pocket. After he removed his t-shirt, other employees came to help him recover from the incident.

According to the report published in Business Insider, the phone was apparently a Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

It may be noted that any phone can explode in a certain extreme condition such as too much heat, damage. It can also explode when the low-quality third-party charger is used.

In yet another footage, one can see iPhone 7 exploding. However, it is clear why this phone exploded.

Although, the reason for phone explosion can be many the predominant one is using the low-quality third-party charger. Thus, it is always preferable to use the charger of reputed brand.