CCS asks officials to ensure kerosene reaches beneficiaries

Civil Supplies Commissioner C.V. Anand convened a co-ordination meeting on Wednesday with the officials of Civil Supplies Department, Oil companies and representatives of Wholesale Kerosene dealers to sort out delays in lifting of kerosene from ex-depot of Oil companies, supplies to FP Shop dealers and to ensure that the kerosene reached cardholders properly in the State.


Addressing the meeting, C.V. Anand said there was no proper co-ordination among the Oil company authorities and the wholesale dealers causing delay in lifting and supply of kerosene. The CCS, with a view to curb diversion of kerosene and to sort out the problems in the existing system, has instructed the NIC authorities to develop software under which the entire allocation to wholesale dealers and Fair Price Shop dealers till FP Shop level should be done through online only.

At present, the allocation, lifting and distribution of rice, sugar and other commodities except kerosene were being done through online in ePDS application. The CCS has instructed all the concerned officers to bring the kerosene also in ePDS application so as to ensure that as in the case of other commodities, kerosene should be supplied to the card holders from 1st to 15th every month. He also cautioned that no one should be lenient in the supply of kerosene till it reaches the card holders.


C.V. Anand has informed that during the meeting on Monday, Civil Supplies Minister stressed the need to ground the Deepam Connections. On this, the Commissioner Civil Supplies has instructed the Oil Company official that they shall also need to take Pro-active steps to ground Deepam Connections. Anand also cautioned wholesale Kerosene Dealers that they shall not attempt in diversion of kerosene, otherwise stringent action will be taken against the erring Whole Sale Kerosene Dealers.

He also informed that about 11,500 KL of Kerosene with a subsidy of Rs 8 per liter was being distributed every month to card holders and that there are several complaints on diversion of kerosene and that GPS devices are also being installed to the kerosene tankers. While concluding the meeting, the CCS has informed the Oil companies officers to ensure speedy loading of kerosene and informed the Whole Sale Kerosene Dealers that their grievances any would be solved subject to condition that they do not involve in the diversion of kerosene. (NSS)