CBSE affiliated Delhi schools may now lose their recognition, See Why?

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education affiliated Delhi schools may now lose their CBSE recognition if they do not display ‘no smoking’ signs on campus and stop people from smoking. The Delhi government said that no vendors should be found in 100-metre radius of the institution.
According to Hindustan Times report, the Delhi State Tobacco Control Department has asked CBSE and the Director of Education, Delhi, to withdraw recognition to schools that do not display the contact details of the nodal officer of the respective institute to call with complaints against people breaking the law. Records of raids conducted found that around 10 per cent and 15 per cent schools in Delhi failed to adhere to tobacco-control norms.
“The law has been in place in Delhi under the Delhi Act for 21 years and under the central Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act for nearly 14 years, and if there are schools that still fail compliance it is a shame,” said Dr SK Arora, Delhi state tobacco control officer.
“It is the responsibility of the head of the institution and the nodal officer that all the norms are followed, that action is taken against anyone smoking on the premise. If there are shops selling tobacco products near the schools, it is their responsibility to report it to police,” the officer said.
For the first time violation, a fine of Rs 200 will be imposed and Rs500 for subsequent violations. If no action is being taken by the nodal officer and the head of the institution, the tobacco cell is authorised to challan them,” the officer added.