CBP agents force Mexican teen to drink liquid meth, teen dies

San Diego: A newly released video of an incident happened in 2013 has been released where a Mexican teen is shown drinking apple juice-as what he claimed- when the Customs and Border Protection agents told the 16-year-old Cruz Velazquez Acevedo to drink from a bottle at a border checkpoint in San Diego, causing him to die from an acute drug overdose.

In 2013, the teenager was crossing from Tijuana to California with two bottles which contained liquid meth, reports Democracy Now.

The officers suspected that it was liquid methamphetamine and they repeatedly encouraged him to drink from it, to prove he wasn’t lying. Minutes after the teenager sipped on the liquid, his body began convulsing, and he began screaming “Mi corazón”—or, “My heart!” He died two hours later.

The officers have not been charged and the U.S. has paid Acevedo’s family $1 million in a wrongful death lawsuit.