CBI Sends Judicial Request To Pak, Seeks Information On Dawood Gutkha Business

NEW DELHI: CBI has sent a judicial request to Pakistan seeking information about underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s alleged gutkha business set up there with help from Indian businessmen after filing a charge sheet against the most wanted terrorist.

CBI sources said, Letter Rogatory, a judicial request to get information, have been dispatched to Pakistan, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates seeking details of Dawood’s gutkha business which is purportedly run by his brother Anees Ibrahim.

Recently, CBI has filed a supplementary charge sheet against Dawood Ibrahim, his brother-in-law AH Antule, henchman Saleem Mohammed Ghaus besides two prominent gutkha businessmen JM Joshi of Goa Gutkha and RL Dhariwal for allegedly helping Anees Ibrahim set up a gutkha plant at Hyderabad in Sindh province of Pakistan.