CBI Probe essential on all Wakf Properties Arrest of B.P. Acharya is a welcome gesture: Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad, January 31: Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor Siasat and Member, Politbureau of TDP expressed his reaction on the arrest of Mr. B.P. Acharya by saying that CBI is probing into the irregularities made by a company. It is necessary that a thorough enquiry be made for all the wakf properties in the state which have been allotted to many multinational companies.

These include 1050 acres of land of Dargah Hazrath Baba Sharfuddin, 450 acres of land belonging to Jamia Nizamia given for developing a knowledge park, the land belonging to Dargah Hazrath Shah Ishaque Madani at Visakhapatnam which was given to Hindujas, 1200 acres of Makhdoom Biyabani at Aloor, 1000 acres of Dargah Hazrath Baba Sharfuddin, 600 acres of land of Dargah Hazrath Shah Raju Qattal Husaini at Sarooranagar, 490 acres of land of Ashoor Khana Ali Saad situated at Mamidipally, and 420 acres of land situated at Maheshwaram (R.R. Dist) given for Muslim Maternity Home. This will be the greatest scam of the country.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that the CBI is investigating only one aspect of Emaar Properties. If the documents are scrutinized it will be known that Mr. B.P. Acharya and other officials have tampered the records.

He further said that for getting Rs. 400-500 crore allocated in the budget for the Dept. of Minorities, we have to struggle a lot. If these properties are given to Wakf Board, the Muslims don’t have to depend on the financial assistance of the Govt. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan also said that Mr. B.P. Acharya had presumed that because of the backing of the Chief Minister he will not be questioned for whatever he did.

——Siasat News