Caught in the act? BSY receives flak for eating ‘hotel food’ at Dalit’s house

Tumkur: State Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Chief B S Yedyyurappa is once again in thick soup over claims of promoting untouchability, as he had a meal that was allegedly prepared and brought to him from a nearby hotel at a Dalit’s home, instead of the food prepared by them.

During his visit to Tumkur district on Friday, the former chief minister, who was accompanied by other party members, visited the residence of a Dalit family where he allegedly ate ‘idlis’ from a nearby hotel and not the food prepared by the family.

Claiming his act would spark off negativity in the community, a young man from the family lodged a complaint with the police.

Dismissing claims of disrespecting the family, a BJP spokesperson dubbed the allegations as a political move, adding that those who raised the issue must immediately apologise to the family.

Yeddyurappa received flak over a similar situation earlier in Tumkur where he was photographed eating “tatte idli” at a Dalit’s house at Gubbi.