Cattle trader robbed by spraying itchy powder

Govandi: A cattle trader was robbed at Deonar abattoir, in Govandi. 3 persons came to the trader on the pretext of purchasing the goat and sprayed itchy powder on traders back and decamped with a bag having 8.6 lakh rupees.

On receipt of the complaint, police are interrogating suspicious people.

According to police sources, on August 20, as per the complaint of Rajasthan trader Laddu Gujar (64), several people were purchasing goats at Bada no 927. Meanwhile, 3 persons sprayed itchy power on trader’s back. When he began scratching, they told him that an insect was crawling on his neck. Listening to them, the trader removed his shirt and also took off his money bag from his shoulder. Taking advantage of this, the robbers decamped with the bag containing 8.6 lakhs.

Police have taken 3 people into custody.