Casting couch: This actress narrates her experience, makes shocking revelations

Chennai: An actress has narrated her casting couch experience. She also made shocking revelations about a producer.

According to the report published in International Business Times, RX 100 actress, Payal Rajput talked about a producer who allegedly sought sexual favours from her. She said that the producer had offered her a role in the upcoming film and in return he demanded sexual favours from her.

In an interview, the actress said that the produced had approached her and offered a role in his upcoming movie. However, he allegedly demanded favours from her. The actress also said that she said “no” after listening to his demand.

It may be mentioned that the 27-year-old actress played a bold role in her debut film RX 100. The film was directed by Ajay Bhupathi.

Payal further said that she played a bold role in RX 100 but she will not compromise for a role in the movie.