Cast of ’13 Reasons Why’ praise Selena Gomez for series

Los angeles: The cast of “13 Reasons Why” have praised Selena Gomez for making sure the Netflix series was portrayed in the “correct way”.

Katherine Langford, who plays the role of Hannah who takes her own life in the television adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel of the same name, wants the 24-year-old singer and executive producer of the production to have so much credit for pulling off the series authentically, reported NME magazine.

“Selena and Mandy (Teefey, Gomez’s mother) bought the rights to this book and we give them so much credit and praise because it’s been a long time making this and making sure that it was told in the correct way.”

Meanwhile, Dylan Minnette, who plays the role of Clay Jensen, believes his co-star Katherine had the most “difficult scenes” in the season.

“Katherine had the really difficult scenes.