Casio’s refined technology contributing to improved social life

Tokyo, Nov.25 : Casio Computer has announced a new concept movie camera called “Outdoor Recorder – EX-FR100”. It is a new model of digital camera series “Exilim”. The launch event was recently held in Tokyo.

In 1995, Casio released the world’s first consumer digital camera with LCD monitor. Since then, the company has been creating the new culture of “visual communication”.

Jin Nakayama, General Manager, QV Digital Camera Division, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., said, “Although the digital camera market has shrunk, we want to open up the new market against the conventional digital cameras. This is designed for the people who enjoy activities; it gives freedom to take pictures. It has full feature of record many scenes freely and sort automatically.”

Masayuki Shigeoka, General Manager, Digital Imaging Marketing Department, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., “The LCD screen controller unit and the camera unit equipped with a 16mm wide angle lens can be separated.”

The product has a unique function called “intelligent interval”, which automatically selects the best shots based on variables such as the clarity of images determined by the movement.

Casio proposes to market this Outdoor Recorder as a new genre of visual communication gear, targeting the recent growing trend toward the outdoor recreation in Japan and rest of the world.

Takanobu Kazama, Chief Editor, GARVY Magazine, said, “People used to go out just for camping, now it is trending in Japan that people enjoy outdoor activities together with camping. Tourists from overseas can also enjoy activities in mountains and rivers where it’s close to the most tourist attractions in Japan. The outdoor attractive is the enjoyment of the extraordinary space, I thought again it’s wonderful that it can make record of the attractions to be reviewed and can be shared with friends.”

Kendaman, a participant, said, “It has great function to create super slow motion with high speed recording.”

The new Outdoor Recorder will launch on December 11.

Shigeoka said, “It’s very easy to use with stick by monitoring closer. We’d like to appeal many ways of taking pictures, such as for the photo enthusiasts looking for a new angle on selfies.”

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is trying to improve the supporting technology for the infrastructure of Mass transportation.

This car is made to collect 3D data of the surrounded space of itself.

At the top of the car there are many devices such as cameras and GPS antennas. The important device is at the rear side. It’s the high-precision laser machine to collect 3D data of the space around the car.

The car is put on the special truck which goes on the rail. The data is automatically collected and it saves man power and time. Also, it’s accurate. It can detect the dangerous obstacles for train.

Masafumi Nakata, Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, said, “We actually brought this car and used in Asian countries. We have worked in Singapore. And we showed it at the exhibition in India and got good reputation. The social infrastructure is getting old and that is a big social problem. So we want to utilize this system to solve those problems. And there are the needs in foreign countries. So we want to develop our business on abroad too.”

These devices are also helpful for Mass transportation. They are used for the unique purpose.

Here is the old bolt. It rusted out. But if we use the device it can be clean up and become almost new bolt.

The device is put to the electric drill. You just need to turn on the drill and cover the screw part. Then it can be clean up in a moment. This simple and unique device is getting popular and there are many order from many different industry’s clients.

Masahiro Oshima, an official of the Sales Department at Sakata Co. Ltd., said, “Unexpectedly, we have many inquiries. And this device is used many different places such as railways, plants and roads.”

Such devices have made the life easier and convenient. (ANI)