Casio offers durable, attractive watches

Tokyo [Japan]: Casio is one of the most famous watch brands known for “G-shock” and function calculators. The “Casio R&D -research and development-center” has been researching Casio’s products from design to development.

In the quality assurance laboratory, a variety of watches are being inspected.

“In accordance with the concept of the product, approximately 100 different kinds of tests are carried out per model. You will receive a product that has been repeatedly cleared by this test. Casio products are used in countries all over the world, not only in Japan. I think that it is necessary to make a trial in various environments, not only the domestic use environment in Japan but also the world,” said Shohei Ogawa, a company official.

Every year in the world, imitations of various products continue to grow and tend to become a major social problem. In the laboratory, staffs can examine these imitations. The belief in the manufacturing quality of Casio products is highly trusted and can be demonstrated by comparing the genuine product with the counterfeit one.

“This is a test machine to evaluate the waterproof test. Here is the sample that we prepared this time. This is the imitation product, and this is a sample of the regular product,” said Ogawa.

Both the original watch and the imitation one are pressured constantly in the water. After the two watches are taken out of the water, the original one is working as usual, but the imitation one has a broken display part. The waterproof test is not only in the research and development stage but in the production base.

The original watch and the imitation one are put in the liquid with the same composition as that of a person’s sweat. After testing, the exterior shows obvious differences, while the imitation one shows black discoloration on the button.

This is a friction resistance test. When adding friction to the armband part of the imitation watch, the exterior peels off.

“In the surface treatment and coating of the watch, it is an important point that the harmful substance is not included or is gentle to the skin of the user. The imitation doesn’t have that. In terms of reliability, there is an absolute difference. That is the quality of Casio,” said Shin Hitsumoto, another Casio official.

The watch can be used for a long time. Casio’s watches are filled with its innovative thoughts and ideas. (ANI)