Casio launches keyboard series for professional musicians at Rs. 50,000

New Delhi[India]: Casio India has announced the launch of its MZ series targeting groups like performing/studio musicians and music examination students/teachers looking for a premium keyboard

Customers can avail the newly launched MZ-X500 at Rs. 65,000 and MZ-X300 at Rs. 50,000.

The new MZ-X series is the evolutionary successor to Casio’s powerful MZ-2000 Series instruments.

It is the most ambitious keyboard from Casio and will jump-start the performing musicians’ creativity with its authentic sound, intuitive Color Touch Interface, and extensive control.

The series of Keyboards developed by Casio would feature two models, MZ-X500 (Body Color: Blue) and MZ-X300 (Body Color: Black).

The MZ-X300 has 900 preset tone patches and 280 rhythm patterns, while the MZ-X500 features 1100 preset tone patches and 330 rhythm patterns.

The MZ-X series features revolutionary sound quality with the new MXi sound engine.

The features that make the MZ-X stand way in front of the competition include a 5.3″ LCD Color Touch Interface, which makes it incredibly easy to explore and navigate.

With completely new and improved tones like Acoustic guitars tones, which now include fret noise, harmonics, string slides and body slaps and Basses having smooth glissando from note to note, the tones can be easily modified to suit the musicians’ tastes, thanks to the real-time control knobs and sliders.

MZ-X500 boasts Casio’s powerful Hex Layer technology first made available on the PX-5S, PX-560, and XW-series instruments with addition of Vintage Tone wheel Organ with physical sliders that give the user precise drawbar control, and easy onscreen buttons to provide essential adjustments.

The MZ-X Series contain hundreds of flexible and great-sounding new Authentic Rhythms, representing musical genres from around the world including Latin, Middle Eastern, European, Asian, and ten entirely New Indian rhythms.

These Rhythms have multiple intros, endings, and variations, and use advanced chord detection to deliver complete accompaniment ensembles.

They are ideal for solo performances, songwriting, or just enjoying a jam session with a band of professional musicians.

Patterns can also be easily created and combined to form custom Rhythms using the Pattern Sequencer.

The MZ-X Series is a song writer’s dream, containing a 16-track MIDI recorder with a full suite of mixing (48 Channel Mixer + EXT In/LINE IN, MIC IN) and editing features, plus powerful effect processors and USB audio recordings an upload-ready WAV file.

The series is completely expandable(up to 32GB) and customizable with extensive mixing and editing tools.

The MZ-X Series’ bass-reflex speaker system puts out a staggering 40 watts of power, and sounds rich and clear at any level. A 4-band parametric equalizer is included to customize the MZ-X to suit any space, ensuring that the performing musician will always sound at his best.(ANI)