Casio introduces ‘Lamp Free Projectors’ with TCO certification

New Delhi [India]: Business equipment brand Casio has become the first brand in the world to introduce the innovative range of lamp free projectors with TCO certification XJ-F200WN and XJ-F210WN under its Advanced Series of Laser and LED Hybrid projectors.

The new models of projectors combine high brightness, amplified color spectrum, and an eco-friendly design with a series that comes with long life, high durability, and low energy consumption while having a life of approx. 20,000 hrs, ensuring no lamp replacement.

The model XJ-F200WN features 1.5x optical zoom, WXGA (1200×800) resolution and produces 3000 lumens of brightness. It is available at Rs. Rs. 85,995, while XJ-F210WN features 1.5x optical zoom, boasts WXGA (1200 x800) resolution and produces 3500 lumens of brightness available at Rs. 89,995.

The projectors are best suitable for displaying content from video and computer sources, and features dust resistance structure, network connection (Option), two GB internal memory, media player function, two HDMI terminals, wired LAN terminal, Control terminal (RS-232C), build in speakers of 16W power and Anti theft lock system.

Other benefits include USB power supply and unrestricted 360° installations that supports highly flexible image projection, including portrait projection from a vertical position, or perpendicular projection onto the floor or ceiling.

The projectors feature Casio’s fifth generation Laser and LED Hybrid Light Source technology that reduces the power consumption up to 50 percent.

Available with a warranty of three years, the projectors also provides a 30 percent increase in LED light output, thus offering a greater increase in color spectrum when compared to a mercury lamp.

“Casio’s Lamp Free Projectors have already set the benchmark for environmental compatibility, cost effectiveness and quality standards amongst the education and business community of the country. This will certainly inspire the education and business community to opt our lamp free projectors as cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable tools for larger impact,” said Vice President Casio India, Kulbhushan Seth.

The process of TCO certification is a rigorous process wherein multiple factors like socially responsible manufacturing; safety, product lifetime, and energy efficiency and elimination or reduction of hazardous substances and recycling at the end-of-life phase in all phases of the product life cycle are tested and verified for compliance by accredited third parties. (ANI)