CASIO contributes to Mathematics education of emerging countries

Tokyo/Dhaka: There are still educational institutions in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries, excluding Singapore, that are still partially insufficient in keeping up with the latest trends in mathematics and educational institutions in developed countries.

The quality of teaching in the classroom needs to be improved.

Japan’s Casio Corp. is helping to improve mathematics education quality in these countries.

The company has been focusing on the development of a teacher’s guide to demonstrate how to use a scientific electronics calculator in mathematics classes. It’s the first time for emerging countries.

To improve mathematics education, Casio invited mathematics teachers from around the world to attend the company’s second Scientific Electronic Calculator Seminar”>Seminar held at its Tokyo headquarters in order to demonstrate how to use a calculator to improve mathematics skills.

“Most importantly, we have learned that the calculator is not just a device for doing calculations, but is a device to help students to learn mathematics,” Barry Kissane, Murdoch University, Australia, said.

“By using calculator in my classroom, students are really know the deeper concept on mathematics through it,” a trainee from Indonesia said.

“In Bangladesh, mathematics teachers are little bit far from learning mathematics in a real life way. I think if Bangladesh mathematics teacher can teach mathematics by using scientific calculator, not just calculator as an educational tool, than I think the classroom is more effective and enjoyable,” a trainee from Bangladesh said.

As a result of their successful seminar in Tokyo, a teachers’ guide was completed in Bangladesh ahead of other countries.

To date, 40 seminars have been held in Dhaka.

Teachers participating in the development of the teacher’s guide have held lectures about the teacher’s guidebook and scientific calculator classes for mathematics teachers at 430 schools.

By using the guidebook and scientific electronic calculator, teachers learn how to use a scientific calculator during the teaching.

Also, scientific calculators are already being used in high schools in Bangladesh.

“All the teachers after ending the workshop, told me that they felt motivated because of the workshop, and that they can change our education issue dynamically,” a trainee from Bangladesh said.

Casio has made it a priority to support Mathematics education by cooperation with educational institutions and teachers in the emerging countries.(ANI)