Carrie Underwood’s new song ‘Smoke Break’ for 5-months-old son

Washington D.C., Aug 21 : Carrie Underwood has revealed that her recently-released song ‘ Smoke Break’, which will feature in her upcoming fifth album ‘Storyteller’, has been dedicated to her 5-months-old son Isaiah Michael Fisher.

The American singer expressed her joy of dedicating a song for her first child and said that initially she tried to avoid the ‘mommy’ songs, but now she’s glad that it did happen as her little kid will always have it as a memory, E! Online reported.

The 32-year-old singer earlier took to her Facebook account to announce that her new song was kind of one of those story songs with everyone can relate to as it’s about how life’s so hectic and it’s so nice when one takes break from all this.

Underwood is also posing raunchily on her song cover wherein she is seen striking a sexy pose while sitting in a corset and short skirt. (ANI)