Career-minded girls can be good wives, mothers: Survey

New Delhi [India]: If you are a boy and searching for a perfect life partner, we might have some important news for you.

A study says, career-minded girls have proved themselves to be goo wives and mothers too.

A social media study ‘Career Oriented Girl Problems,’ conducted by the online matchmaking brand BharatMatrimony, attempted to understand some of the major problems career-oriented women face when it comes to finding a life partner.

The survey witnessed 1100 responses. BharatMatrimony posed six questions to understand the challenges faced by women who wish to pursue a career seriously post their marriage.

According to the survey, women believe that being career-minded does not necessarily mean lack of time or attention to family and that working women can make good wives and moms too.

Here are some key insights from the survey:

i. Finding a life partner who will understand and support her career decisions is one of the biggest challenges a woman faces.

ii. Support from in-laws and being able to balance her professional and personal lives is at times a challenge.

iii. Working women feel they can manage the home and kids better due to their exposure.

iv. They can bring up kids more independently and help them with their study and career decisions.

v. Career tends to take a backseat for some women after marriage since they have increased responsibilities. Since when she needs to pick between family and work she would prefer giving importance to family.

vi. Career-oriented women can help reduce the financial burden on the man of the house. The responsibilities of home can now be shared equally!

vii. Women would like to pursue a career seriously since it would make them more independent and confident in life.

viii. If women have an understanding and supporting life partner then taking their career seriously and even moving cities for the sake of a good job would be a lot easier.

Kaushik Tiwari, head of marketing at said, “Today’s young women are aspiring, talented and progressive and want to be independent and share the responsibility of running the home along with their partner. BharatMatrimony’s ‘Career Oriented Girl Problems” social campaign was intended to understand the issues young single girls face while choosing a life partner.” (ANI)