Cardi B struggling with baby blues

Los Angeles: Rapper Cardi B says she is struggling with her emotions following the birth of her daughter Kulture.

Taking to her Instagram account, Cardi B, who became a mother in July, said: “This postpartum sh*t is annoying. Like I been emotional all f**king day for no reason.”

However, the lack of sleep she has been getting may have something to do with her wavering emotions as the baby has been keeping her up all night long, reports

She said: “I wish I could show you my face but a b***h look f***ed up in the game! Like, my hair’s f***ed up. My eyes are so dark and puffy. Like, I’m wild pale like a b***h looking like she got jaundice.

“But I just really want to say thank you to everybody… I have just been so busy and so tired and in like a different world, a different dimension – I like it like that. It’s doing so good…

“Let me get back to this mommy thing. Let me tell you all something. No matter how many books you all read, advice you all get, you all will never be ready for mommy mode.”