Car flies in air and gets stuck in second floor after hitting the median

California: A car in Southern California hit the center median and went airborne and got stuck in second floor of a dentist office.

According to the news reported in NDTV, the local fire department has taken the images of the incident which showed the car stuck in the second floor of the dentist office with the rear side of the car tilting on one side.

Stephen Horner, the spokesman of the Orange County said that the car driver was not driving parallel to the median but it was coming from a side street and rammed into the concrete median. After the car hit the median, it plunged into air and got stuck in the second floor of the dentist office.

The official received the call about crash at 5.30 a.m.

After the Car hit the median and went airborne, a small fire erupted on the site, though it was extinguished immediately.

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Sources say that there were two persons in the car, and one of them managed to get out while the other got stuck for more than an hour as authorities used a heavy piece of equipment to stabilize the vehicle. Both of them were taken immediately to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Crane was used by the fire officials to pull out the car from the second floor which was damaged with the accident.