Capital city is all set to welcome Ramadan

Hyderabad: The capital city is geared up to welcome the holy month Ramadan with people hustling around the city with special preparations for Ramadan.

Ramadan is only a day away, however, the onset of the holy month depends upon the sighting of the new crescent moon. Muslims will be observing their 15 hours fast, their first day fast on Sunday if the new moon is sighted on Saturday evening. Hyderabad Muslim’s would be fasting for nearly 15 hours. Preparations are being made by Mosques across the city to welcome ‘Namazis’ for five times a day. Muslim dominated Old city seemed busy preparing with the special activities.

Mosques are also preparing for special prayer called ‘Taraweeh’ in which Quran is recited, after the Isha prayer. It is usually led by ‘Hafiz’( one who has memorized Holy Quran). Apart from Mosques, function halls, private schools, apartments, buildings are also busy in arrangements for Taraweeh prayers for both men and women.

Markets during Ramadan are mostly seen with people rushing for equipping their shops, stalls with food items, especially dates. According to the ‘sunnah’( habit practiced by Prophet Muhammad), Muslims prefer to break their fast with consuming dates. Fruits are mostly sold by vendors on their stalls as well as markets. A variety of snacks specially made in Ramadan will be available for public on street corners, shops etc.

The famous Haleem savored by one and all will be sold at various stalls, outlets, hotels. Prices could range anywhere between Rs 140 and Rs 160 per plate. Several other numerous outlets also sell Haleem for a price little less between Rs 70 to Rs 100.

The city police will be deploying 6,000 police personnel for security and peace in and around the city during Ramadan. High definition closed circuit cameras have also been installed on road stretching from Pathergatti to Shalibanda with the help of IT wing of the city police. City Police will be taking care of 43 CCTV cameras installed in Mecca Masjid, Old city.

Police official said, “Police will be deployed round-the-clock at the markets. At important mosques, we will be posting police pickets to ensure that no untoward incidents take place”.

Special police personnel, Bomb disposal squads, SHE Teams, anti-eve teasing squad, foot patrolling teams will soon be deployed in markets to ensure the holy month is passed peacefully, as reported in Telangana Today.