‘Can’t create miracle alone’ says Priyanka Gandhi after meeting party workers of Bundelkhand

New Delhi: Congress general secretary Priyanka Gadhi Vadra has told party workers from Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh that they should not expect a “miracle” from her and that strengthening booth level organisation will be the key to the party’s performance.

Congress leader and former parliamentarian Pradeep Jain Aditya on Monday said that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra held a detailed discussion with party workers from Bundelkhand and told them that “she cannot create miracles alone.”

“She said all workers should come together and work on micro booth management. This is the first time that a leader has talked about booth in such details. She said election results are ‘fruits’ but booths are ‘roots’ and booth level workers are very important. She said those who break the party and work to make candidates lose will be shown door,” Aditya said.

Aditya who was part of the meeting that the UP East general secretary Priyanka held with Congress workers from Bundelkhand, said that party workers were charged with new enthusiasm after meeting with Priyanka.

“Party workers all over Uttar Pradesh have got renewed confidence with Priyanka Gandhi taking charge of the region. During the meeting, it didn’t feel like we were sitting with a big leader. Everyone felt like they are talking to a member of their family. She heard everyone and said that she can’t create a miracle alone,” Aditya told ANI.

Aditya also said that there is a possibility of the Congress leader paying a visit to Bundelkhand by the end of February or in early March.

On February 14, Congress MLA Aradhna Mishra had said the party will be contesting on all 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh.

After attending the Congress committee meeting in Lucknow, where Priyanka met party workers, Mishra said: “People from 11 constituencies met Priyanka ji and Jyotiraditya Scindia ji. Priyanka ji expressed clearly that we’ll contest on all 80 seats.”

The Congress is leaving no stone unturned in wooing the electorates of Uttar Pradesh, which accounts for the maximum number of seats in the Lok Sabha.