‘Why can’t I become the president of India,’ says contesting Chai-wala

New Delhi: A 40-year-old tea vendor hailing from Madhya Pradesh has given his name for the fourth time for Presidential polls this year. He has a strong determination of becoming the President of India. He remembers every election that he has fought since 1994, including for the post of vice-president, however, he has lost 20 elections.

Anand Singh Kushwaha has said: “I am in touch with MPs and MLAs of UP. I couldn’t get enough votes in the past but have been assured of support this time.”

The Presidential polls are different as the common citizens can’t vote and one needs the support of 50 eligible voters and 50 backers. Also, the voters in the election for President are the members of Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies.

“If a tea-seller could become Prime Minister of the country why can’t another be the President,” Anand Singh Kushwah said. According to reported information, Anand Singh Kushwah visited New Delhi and filed his nomination before the Chief Election Officer in the parliament, says a report by South live.

A security deposit is needed for contesting in the Presidential polls, thus Anand has started to save from his daily income. Anand Singh Kushwaha said, “I want to make it to the list of successful candidates at least once.” In 2013 assembly elections he had won 376 votes.

He campaigns on a cycle as he can’t afford a vehicle, his wife runs their tea-stall in his absence.