Can’t afford to hold ‘prejudice’ against any ‘religion’ now: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

In the wake of the deadly 13/11 carnage in Paris, spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has called for the world to fight against the ‘terrorists trap’ of growing a prejudice against a particular religion or community, as their sole intention is to divide the society on the basis of fear.

Speaking to the media in Brussels after the annual conference on Ethics in Business at the European Parliament in Belgium, the guru called for global unity against terror.

“There is so much fear, anxiety and uncertainty in the minds of people that it has become important to re-affirm the faith in humanity. We cannot get clogged with prejudice at this moment against any religion or community when terror has taken such a toll,” he said.

Asserting that the terrorists intention is to divide the society which is why they are damaging the fabric of the social order, Ravi Shankar said it was all the more important for the ‘right thinking, good-minded’ people to come together and shun prejudice.

“Their idea is to terrorise and create more and more fear. It is such a free Europe where people could go to restaurants, movie theatres, concerts and museums. But now there is so much fear and this fear psychosis can take a huge toll on the social fabric and personal health of people,” he added.

A global support has risen in a tidal wave of solidarity for the victims of the deadly Paris attack where 132 were killed, and as France is leading a war of retaliation against the ISIS by carrying out massive airstrikes along with Russia, Parisians are still batting for peace through vigils and memorial services.