`Cancer Clinics’ launched in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: `Cancer Clinics’, a start-up venture for dedicated cancer treatment, was launched here today.

It offers screening, information, advice on nutrition, relaxation classes, psychologist and nursing support, among others, for cancer patients, Managing Director Sonali Srungaram said.

Cancer Clinics is a speciality facility that provides a set of curated services for cancer patients to enhance their wellbeing through integrative care.

“Our aspiration is to solve cancer patients’ needs for integrative care and to ease their struggle to find it,” she said.

`Cancer Clinics’ follows Srungaram’s first pan-India venture `Cancer Helpline’ that “exposed her and her team to challenges of navigating the health system for cancer treatment,” a release issued by the promoters said.

Cancer Clinics, established with a planned investment of Rs 3.5 crore, was launched by CEO and co-chairperson of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, G V Prasad.

Noting that “navigation” of the healthcare systems in hospitals is often confusing, Prasad lauded the promoters for offering different services under one roof.

“To really integrate many aspects of treatment, psychological counselling, financial counselling; cancer is not only a difficult disease, financially it is burdensome.

“We make a lot of drugs, we see how difficult it is for a patient…people sell their homes, there is nobody to guide them after the first cycle, nobody tells them what is the journey like. Even educated people find it difficult. So, something like this is fantastic,” he said.

Early detection is very important in treating cancer, Prasad stressed.