Cancellation of illegal registration of wakf properties started

Hyderabad: CEO of Telangana Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Asadullah has started the process of cancellation of illegal registrations of wakf properties. He is getting full cooperation from Mr. Ahmed Nadeem, IAS, IG and Commissioner of Registration and Stamps Department. For the first time in the history of Wakf Board, such steps are being taken. As a result of this action, many valuable wakf properties could be restored.


Mr. Asadullah sent the details of 38529 wakf properties to the Dept. of Registrations and Stamps. Mr. Ahmed Nadeem assured that these details would be recorded in the Dept. These details contain the references of Gazette, Wakf deed, area of the land etc. No illegal person can get these wakf properties registered in his name. Soon after the receipt of application for registration of properties, the Dept. would reject it.


Mr. Asadullah has also desired the Dept. of Registration to exempt cancellation fees which works out to Rs. 1200-1500. Mr. Ahmed Nadeem informed that it falls under the purview of the Govt. and Wakf Board can make a representation for exemption.


It may be mentioned that Wakf Board lodged complaints with the Dept. of Registration for cancellation of four wakf properties which include two in Malkajgiri and two in Karwan.


CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. Asadullah expressed his hope that if Wakf Board gets the cooperation of the Dept. of Registrations and Stamps, it will be possible to protect many wakf properties. Mr. Asadullah is well versed in Revenue acts. He drafted the wakf act in which a provision has been made for delegating additional executive powers to Wakf Board. If the Govt. approves this draft, wakf properties could be protected. There is also a need to end political pressure on the officials of Wakf Board in order to maintain transparency in their functioning.




–Siasat News