Canada’s Defence Minister caught on camera for littering

Canada’s Defence Minister caught on camera for littering

Chandigarh: Harjit Singh Sajjan, Defence Minister for Canada was caught on camera for littering.

The video has gone viral on social media where the Minister is seen throwing off cherry seeds in front of a meat shop.

The video is shot by the owner who is heard talking to the Minister in Punjabi, confronting him for behaving in such a manner being an educated person and a man of authority.

The owner confronts him and focusses on shooting the video showing the seeds the Minister has tossed out through his SUV’s window.

Harjit on speaking to the owner was apologetic and heard saying “I was just eating cherries.”

The owner further goes on saying “If it was someone else, I wouldn’t have said anything. You’re a big officer, how can you do this?”

He shifts his video to the Minister’s car number plate and is heard saying how come people like this are made ministers when they lack proper manners.