Canada ‘terror attack’: Islamic State flag found in car after attacker stabs policeman

Edmonton [Canada]:A police officer was stabbed and four pedestrians were injured near the Commonwealth stadium in Edmonton, Canada”>Canada, Edmonton Police Service Chief Rod Knecht informed, adding that the attack is being investigated as an “act of terrorism”.

The attacker, suspected to be associated with the Islamic State, crashed his white Chevrolet Malibu SUV into a police Edmonton Police Service SUV outside a Canadian Football League game outside Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday evening.

The suspect fled on foot after ramming a police vehicle and there was an ISIS flag in the car and a massive manhunt is on to search the attacker. Police have confirmed they are treating it as an act of terrorism.

“The officer was approached by an unknown male suspect in a vehicle at which time the suspect rammed the police cruiser,” Global news quoted Edmonton Police Service spokesman Scott Pattison as saying. “The suspect then got out of the vehicle and approached the officer and an altercation ensued.”(ANI)