Canada temporarily suspends operations at its embassy in Venezuela

Ottawa [Canada]: Canada temporarily suspended operations at its embassy in Venezuela on Sunday, as per the Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland.

“At the end of this month, Canadian diplomats in Venezuela will no longer be in a position to obtain diplomatic accreditation under the Maduro regime, and their visas will expire. Therefore, we are left with no choice but to temporarily suspend our operations at the Embassy of Canada to Venezuela, effective immediately,” Sputnik quoted Freeland as stating.

However, Freeland added that consular assistance would be provided to its citizens in Venezuela through Canada’s embassy in Colombia.

Venezuela has witnessed large-scale protests ever since its President Nicolas Maduro took oath in January. National Assembly President Juan Guaido proclaimed himself to be the President of Venezuela amidst a crowd of cheering protesters, demanding Maduro’s immediate exit.

The United States immediately backed his claim, followed by other countries like UK, Spain, Japan, who all viewed the elections which propelled Maduro to power as rigged. They also called for Maduro to either hold fresh elections or step down from his post.

Rejecting the idea of holding fresh elections, Maduro has continued to hold on to his post, accusing the United States of backing coup attempts against him. He had also blamed the US for the major blackouts which gripped the country recently. Furthermore, he has also claimed to have military support on various occasions.