Can we trust you Mr Owaisi ? Is your track record trust worthy?

By Tanvir Salim, Muslim Mirror,

Recently MIM chief Mr Asaduddin  Owaisi  has said  that ‘Muslims should not act as the “coolie” of the secular parties’. He is right. How long we should be carrying the dead body of secularism. Now our shoulders are hurting.

Everything you say is fine, but can we trust you? Is your track record trust worthy? What are we going to gain by following you?

Let’s start from the very beginning. We hear that when your organization was formed, that time Mr. Qasim Rizvi was selected as the President. At that time there were slogans like “will gouge Hindu eyes, and will leave no brick unturned” etc. What they got in return? Hyderabad got hundreds of thousands of Muslim corpses, and the end of the State. The President of your organization compromised and broke a deal with the government, and hurriedly left for Pakistan, and your father got all the funds, properties, etc.

Right from the first general election, late Salahuddin Owaisi Sahib was elected as the Member of Parliament. I hear that since then Waqf properties started diminishing, and your personal property kept on increasing. The education institutions of Muslims kept shrinking, while your private educational entities kept flourishing . Your father was the Parliamentarian, and you both brothers were MLAs. There have been many more MLAs in the family, plus Mayor, and many cooperators etc. During this period there were at-least half a dozen riots in Hyderabad, some of them even in your locality, for which neither your father nor you chided Congress, and decided to be with it.

An idol (Laxmi Narayan) was installed in Charminar. After every riot, the premises of that temple kept on increasing, along with the share of your votes. At loss were the Muslims and their occupation. You never cared about the people who were killed or who were looted. All you did was to put your demands to the Congress, which was never fulfilled. At the same time, influence of your family increased dramatically.

Then came your era. You kept quite when the mosque of old Malakpet got in other people’s hands, and Ramoji Rao intruded on the Waqf property in the garb of Film City. At the same time, son of Rajshekhar Reddy occupied some of the Waqf land, and you looked the other way. You turned to the community when your deal with Kiran Reddy went sour, and there was an inquiry was setup to investigate the irregularities in your Medical and Engineering colleges.

That was the time you realized the “ills” of secularism, and also that your Qaum is orphaned and needs some help, otherwise you were passive during Makka Masjid etc blasts  and even ‘ believed the involvement of Muslim youths   behind the twin blasts and the Mecca mosque blasts’. (HT Sep 04, 2007).There was no no Jalsa no protest by  you when in five Muslim youths were killed in cold blood in police custody in Nalgonda district.

You ventured to Maharashtra, where after putting all your effort you simply got two seats. Even without the Muslims, other secular parties did better than you. After a few elections they will know how to survive even without the Muslims, like TRS, and TDP.

You may keep your “Derh Eint ki Masjid”.  It might be of help to save any government of the day, most likely for a price in cash or in kind.

We have seen that Dalits and Jatavs simply become Hindu during the elections. The way you speak there is nobody else who may want to come near to you. In UP, you may also have to deal with Dewbandi, Barelwi, Ahl-e-Hadis, etc., and also with the likes of Tauqueer Raza, Azam Khan, and Mahmood Madni etc.

We are not that fool to ignore all your follies and yet side with you. We know that Barrister Owaisi, who has been educated in London, puts his case very well in the TV media court of Rajat Sharma but shy away from the real court of Hashimpura, or of Gujarat pogrom of 2002. You never advocated for the poor who are languishing in jail.


(This article is published in Muslim Mirror)