Can lost memories be regained?

Washington: If you wish to regain lost memories then consider this a miracle as a team of scientists have claimed to have identified the process in the brain, which could help rescue lost memories or bury bad memories.

Researchers Kerrie Thomas from Cardiff University said that previous research in this area had found that when one recalls a memory, it is sensitive to interference to other information and in some cases is completely wiped out.

She added that their research challenged this view and found that despite using a technique in the brain thought to produce total amnesia, they have been able to show that with strong reminders memories could be recovered.

The researchers hope that the results they found in rats can be translated into humans soon and new drugs and treatments could be developed for people suffering with memory disorders.

Thomas added that they could now devise new drugs or behavioural strategies that could treat these memory problems in the knowledge that they won’t overwrite their experiences.

The research is published in the Journal Nature Communications. (ANI)