Can lakhs of subscribers save him: Video bad-mouth slain Danish Zehen goes viral

MUMBAI: A video of self-proclaimed cleric bad-mouth slain internet sensation Danish Zehen is going viral on social media platforms.

The maulana identified as Muhammed Sadiq Razvi in the 3 minutes 53-second video can be allegedly heard saying at a religious gathering,
“A few days ago, when a 21-year-old died in a car accident, the whole world mourned for him, saying he was an a…very good human. People have changed their statuses and display pictures for him. If any Muslim cleric or priest dies, a young Muslim wouldn’t even know or care. But they care for a person who was a dancer, musician, alcoholic, Zani (one who has premarital sex). Some say he has 4.5 lakh subscribers and fans all over the world. Do you even know the truth behind him? He’d left his parents alone and was living with his girlfriend.”

“He posted videos every day, but did you see what happened after he died? People couldn’t even recognise his face. I’ve heard that they refused to bury him at the Kabristan (burial ground) because he had tattoos all over his body. His family was told that his body will be buried only after all of his tattoos are burned,” said Razvi in the video.

He added, “He must have been playing Juwwa, drinking alcohol, having sex. He has done all of these sins in his 21-year-old life. I ask you all, can lakhs of subscribers save him from Allah’s curse?” he added.

Razvi claims to be misquoted. Speaking to mid-day, he said, “A lot of people are spreading this video on social media, where my statement has been portrayed in a completely different light. My intention was not to hurt the family. In fact, one of his family members from Mumbra contacted me after watching the video, and I apologised to them. I hadn’t even heard of Danish Zehen earlier. But a lot of people were complaining to me about how youngsters were following his way of life and troubling their parents. And so, I said all of that at a program in Surat on December 28, 2018. If the family is hurt, then I’m ready to apologise to them again. I’ll also file a complaint against those circulating this video for their own agenda.

Also, the situation at the Kasaiwada Kabristan in Kurla, where Danish is buried was not factual. When mid-day contacted, the authorities concerned said, “This is not true. Nobody refused to bury his body. But yes, there were some rumours in the area, which were untrue. The family has followed all due procedure. Looking at the rumours and the huge crowd that has gathered, [outside the ground] we have asked the local police to deploy someone here.”

Other clerics and cinema personality’s actor Raza Murad, belly dancer Eshan Hilal, TV actor Aly Goni criticize the Maulana for disgracing and talking nonsense about a dead person.

The young blogger and YouTube star who had a great fan following was seen in reality series Ace Of Space, died in a tragic car accident on December 20 last year.

Zehen’s Instagram account was deleted after his death and now after nearly two weeks, the account of popular lifestyle blogger has been reinstated.