Can Haj pilgrims carry Rs. 2000 currency notes? Confusion still prevails

Hyderabad: Mr. Mohammed Shahbaz Ali, CEO of Central Haj Committee in consultation with Reserve Bank of India issued a circular to all the State Haj Committees that there is no ban for the Haj pilgrims for carrying Rs. 2000 currency notes.
According to customs officials, it was said that Govt. of Saudi Arabic will not accept Rs. 2000 currency notes. After consulting with customs officials, Special Officer of Telangana Haj Committee Prof. S.A. Shukoor had earlier advised the Haj pilgrims to carry Rs. 500 notes instead of carrying Rs. 2000 currency notes.

Now the question is whether the Haj pilgrims should consider the orders of customs officials as correct or the circular issued by Central Haj Committee. The clarification issued by RBI is as expected since this institution cannot admit nonacceptance of its currency in any other country. It is obligatory on its part to say that Indian currency is acceptable in all the countries.

Central Haj Committee should have sought clarification from Saudi Embassy. If Saudi diplomats certify that Govt. of Saudi Arabia will accept Rs. 2000 currency notes, the confusion of the Haj pilgrims would have been cleared.

It may be noted that last year, Saudi officials had not accepted Rs. 1000 currency notes. It is clear that when Saudi Govt. did not accept Rs. 1000 currency notes last year, how they can accept Rs. 2000 currency notes now.

Central Haj Committee should seek clarification from Saudi Embassy in India.

–Siasat News