This is how you can avoid germs in public washroom

New Delhi: After using a public toilet, there are chances of getting infections. On the occasion of World Toilet Day on Sunday, experts suggest carrying toilet seat sprays, hand sanitizers and wipes while travelling.
Vikas Bagaria, founder of PeeSafe, and Renu Malik, gynaecologist at Radix Health Care, have given a few inputs:
* Urination devices: Waterproof funnel like devices, which are generally designed for women to help them urinate while standing.
* Toilet seat sanitizer: Finding a clean and sanitized toilet while travelling is a daunting task for everyone. Using public or common washrooms is the major cause of increasing urine infection — UTI among Indians. Always carry and use toilet seat sanitizer sprays to avoid such infections.
* Toilet powder: The powder helps control pests and reduce odours.
* Hand sanitizer and wipes: A must-have in your bag if you are often on public transit. Contact with unseen germs on the go is unavoidable. Always keep a hand sanitizer and a few wet wipes handy.