Camila Cabello promises fans a new album after holidays

Washington: In a special note to her fans on Sunday, singer Camila Cabello revealed that she is excited to make new music after she gets back from her short break.

In an emotional post, she announced, “I don’t have words to express how excited I am about things coming up next year, and imagining this next chapter and writing this next album”.

The ‘Havana’ singer, who is currently spending a quality time with her family, said during the last six years, touring and performing for her fans was “the most magical chapter” of her life.

Describing her level of excitement, she further wrote that the “10-year-old in” her is “still running around with her arms in the air screaming at everything that’s happened” to her because of the performances she did around the world.

Speaking about the importance of family, the ‘Never be the same’ singer said that because of all these performances around the world she is “excited for the holidays” because of “these last years being away from home”.

Describing her vacation to be the laziest, she wrote, “Movies with my family. My dad’s tacos. Waking up in the middle of the night and getting cereal from the refrigerator. Sleepovers with my little sister. Talking to my grandparents about their life. FINALLY getting my dog Thunder to LOVE ME because he barely knows me right now.”

“I’m currently eating fried plantains on my couch with Sofi and Thunder and Leo and refuse to not be in pajamas for the next few days. Thank you again for making this year so beautiful. Here’s to the next era, for all of us!!! You make me so happy and I love you,” she added.

Cabello is well known for her song ‘Havana’ which topped the charts in several countries. Among other noteworthy tracks are ‘Consequence’, ‘Bad Things’ and ‘OMG’.