Cambodia and India share visible ancient links: Hamid Ansari

Phnom Penh (Cambodia): Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari has said that Cambodia and India have and share very visible ancient links.

“This is a land about which I have read about, for one reason or the other, for more than half-a-century from my student days. This is a land which has had more than its own share of turmoil and suffering. And, this is a land which has overcome all and demonstrated to its own people and to the rest of the world that it is capable of rapid transformation, rapid economic development and rapid integration with the rest of the world,” said Vice President Ansari while addressing the Indian community here at the reception hosted by India’s Ambassador to Cambodia Navin Srivastava.

“It is a country with whom we have ancient linkages, where there are very visible signs of traditions that link both countries together, and, with whom we are now seriously engaged in building a relationship,” he added.

Vice President Ansari said India values its relations with Cambodia greatly.

“The ‘Look East Policy’ and the ‘Act East Policy’ are very important and Cambodia has a very important role to play of creating an area between India on one side and South East Asia on the other, which will not only be an area of peace and stability, but also an area of prosperity. In that scheme of things, Cambodia plays a very important role,” he added.

Vice President Ansari further said, “Capacity building is one area which is to be given importance. We want to build up our relations based on the needs of government and the people. We would want to explore and expand areas of more cooperation and called upon the Indian community in Cambodia to share with him the areas where more cooperation is needed.”(ANI)