Call for ‘smoking-ban extension’ from public to outdoor areas

Washington DC, Aug 13 : As per a new study, though nicotine and coffee are equally bad, the 2007 smoking ban should be extended from public to outdoor areas.

In a report, the Royal Society for Public Health said that the ban had ‘de-normalised’ smoking and creating further exclusion zones would make the habit more inconvenient for smokers, the Independent reported.

The reports insisted that pub gardens, school gates, parks and outdoor areas of restaurants should be on the list of smoke-free zones.

In the report, the RSPH said that the research showed nine in 10 people believed nicotine alone was harmful to health, pointing out that it was toxins in tobacco-based products which caused harm.

RSPH’s chief executive Shirley Cramer said that nicotine was no more harmful than caffeine and urged a greater use of e-cigarettes. (ANI)