‘The call is just the beginning’: Taiwanese lawmaker on controversial Trump call

Taipei [Taiwan]: Taiwanese lawmaker Freddy Lim has said he was delighted by U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump accepting an official call from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and added that he hopes the call is just the beginning.

“I would definitely love to see that he would retain his outspokenness, especially if he can use it to make a breakthrough in terms of traditional restrictions on Taiwan-US relations,” CNN quoted Freddy as saying.

However, the Taiwanese lawmaker said that he was not a Trump fan mainly when it comes to his remarks on women and ethnic minorities.

Freddy asserted that it’s time for Taiwan to move on from the past and work towards “normalizing things, both internationally and domestically.”

He believes that the youth of the country sees a future not focused on China.

Freddy is the founding leader of the New Power Party (NPP) in Taiwan and a lead vocalist of the Taiwanese heavy-metal band Chthonic.

Another lawmaker and a member of Democratic Progressive Party ( DPP), Lo Chih-cheng, said, that Trump has shown “a very friendly attitude towards Taiwan, but how we can translate into policies is still unknown.”

“US policy towards Taiwan is a function of US policy towards China. I don’t think that’s fair, you know, we have to take Taiwan seriously for its own sake,” he said.

Lo believes that his country needs to proceed carefully it’s a chance to think of the relationship in a new way.

The call between Trump and Tsai has been welcomed by many people in Taipei. (ANI)