Call for Black Day against demolition of secretariat mosques

Hyderabad: Action Committee for Restoration of Secretariat Mosques has appealed Muslims of Telangana to observe Black Day and supplication day on Friday against demolition of two mosque in secretariat and to demand their reconstruction on the same place.

Convener of the Committee Mr Mohammad Mushtaq Malik (president Muslim Shabban), Dr Asif Umri (Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth), Maulana Mufti Abdul Mughanni Al-Mazahari, (city president Jamiat Ulama) Mufti Shafeeq Alam Jamai (Jamiat Ahle hadeeth) Abdul Aziz (MPJ) Aziz Pasha (ex-MP) Mufti Merajuddin Abrar (Jamia Anwarul Huda), Nizamuddin (spokesperson State Congress) Usman Mohammed Khan (Insaan Foundation and Congress leader), Dr Aleem Khan Falki, Muqeemuddin (son of Maulana Naseeruddin) Sanaullah (ST SC organisation)Aminuddin, Abdul Sattar Mujahid, Abdul Ghani (Muslim League general secretary) Vali Sikandar (MBT) Mujahid Hashmi (Majlis-e-Amal) and Muftis, Imams and Khateebs have appeal Muslims to erect black flags in front of mosques and tie black ribbons on their arms to express their grief and anger against the demolition of the two mosques and to demand their reconstruction at the same place. They appealed to imams and of the mosques to recite special supplications after the Friday prayers.

Muhammad Mushtaq Malik made it clear that shifting of mosque is unacceptable for Muslims. He said the Black Day of Action Committee on Friday is the initial protest which will be peaceful. No rally, dharna or procession should be taken out in this connection. He appealed Muslims to limit the protest to special prayers and putting up of black flags.