California wildfire reaches 95% containment

California: According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the raging California wildfire that caused a large-scale destruction has reached 95 percent containment.

The five percent fire that remains uncontained is located in steep and rugged terrain. An official report of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection stated that while all containment lines continue to hold around the affected areas, it is still unsafe for the firefighters to access the remaining five percent terrain due to heavy rains.

“There is indirect control line in that area and firefighters are monitoring the situation. Once safe to do so, crews will assess this area and determine if the direct line is necessary. Fire suppression repair personnel continue to assess areas for rehabilitation and conduct repair where possible. Search and Rescue Crews, and engine companies continue working to assist the Butte County Sheriff’s Office with search efforts,” the report added.

The deadly blaze, US’s deadliest and most destructive wildfires to ever strike California, has killed at least 76 people and ravaged over 9,800 homes and torched 149,000 acres since it began on November 8 at Camp Fire in northern California.

The raging wildfires caused large-scale destruction forcing hundreds of thousands of Californian residents to abandon their homes and escape, including Hollywood celebrities like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.