‘Calendar Girls’ not anti-Pakistan: Madhur Bhandarkar

Mumbai: Madhur Bhandarkar is surprised by the news of difficulty “Calendar Girls” is facing in Pakistan release. The filmmaker has requested distributors across the border to watch the film before arriving at a decision as it is not “anti-Pakistan”.

“We are told #CalendarGirls is facing problems for a release in Pakistan because of a dialogue the local distributors saw in the trailer. As somebody who’s always tackled hard-hitting subjects sensitively, I earnestly request all distributors in Pak to kindly watch the film,” Bhandarkar tweeted on Tuesday.

Bhandarkar, who has framed the truth behind the life of models who take up being a calendar girl as their profession, has assured that the film will not offend anyone.

“I assure one and all that #CalendarGirls is not anti-Pak and won’t hurt any sentiments. Sincerely pray Censor there watches and gives a go-ahead,” noted the director, known for films like “Page 3” and “Fashion”.

The film’s trailer gives a glimpse of what all goes behind the glossy life of the calendar girls. But dialogues in the trailer like “Pakistani girls are as bold as other girls. In fact sometimes they are bolder than the rest” and a protest scene with people shouting slogans like “Pakistani artist go back” has caused a stir, creating trouble for the film’s release across the border.

In the past, films that put Pakistan in a bad light have been banned in that country. The latest one to get banned in the neighbouring nation is counter-terrorism drama film “Phantom”.

Jointly produced by Bhandarkar and Sangeeta Ahir, “Calendar Girls” features Akanksha Puri, Avani Modi, Kyra Dutt and Ruhi Singh, among others. It is slated for release on September 25 in India.