CAG finds 2014-15 budget estimates of TS “Unrealistic”

The Comptroller and Auditor-General of  India has  found the budget estimates prepared for the year 2014-15 for Telangana State  was unrealistic though the revenue deficit was found to be within the permissible limits.


The CAG report, which was presented to the Telangana State  Assembly on Wednesday, also felt that the financial management was not encouraging which was evident from the fact that an amount to the tune of Rs.304 Crores was spent without seeking the required permission of the Assembly. Similarly lump-some allocations to the tune of Rs.2555 Crores were made, the report observed.


It was further observed in the report that there was a vast gap between allocations and expenditure in certain departments. The revenue expenditure was found to be 36.49 percent less than the budget estimates and likewise the revenue receipts was 36.27 percent less than the budget estimates.


The functioning of the excise department came in for flak in the CAG report which pointed out that the license fee fixed for liquor shops was very low. An amount of Rs.80 crore remained unspent following stoppage of construction works in NIMS at Bibinagar. The report also found fault in providing the needed medi-care in NIMS at Hyderabad.


The CAG report also expressed anguish over 26 percent dropouts in primary schools besides the allocations made for mid-day meals scheme were not fully utilized. Referring to the functioning of Mee Seva centres, the report felt the need for improvement. As regards the Civil Supplies Department, rice stocks were piling up. Even the prestigious Kalyana Laxmi scheme had not achieved the desired impact and target.


Taking exception for not de-notifying the slums in Greater Hyderabad, the CAG report found fault in not releasing the allocated Rs.705 Crores meant for the works pertaining to outer ring road. Likewise an amount of Rs.76 crore allocated for water grid works remained unspent, it observed. (NSS).