Cabinet will have two women: KCR

Hyderabad: Leader of the House and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao today announced in the Assembly that he would induct two women MLAs as ministers into his cabinet.

Giving a reply to the members during a debate on the vote-on-account budget here on Saturday, the Chief Minister unfolded his mind and said two women leaders will be made ministers. In future, there will be another expansion and six more ministerial posts will be filled, the Chief Minister said. “In the expansion, we will provide berths to women MLAs as the ministers, he said. He also said that a woman leader was given a chance to become MLC in the four seats announced on behalf of the TRS. Thus the cabinet will have two women ministers who may be Padma Devender Reddy, formerly deputy speaker and the other Rekha Naik, an ST MLA.

The Chief Minister also announced that interest-free loans will be given to women groups up to Rs 10 lakh and made arrangements for timely release of interest. KCR denied comments that the TRS Government and the TRS leadership was not giving respect to the women leaders, who failed to find place in the cabinet. “We have respect for the women and will not neglect them”, he remarked. He also said the TRS has won the polls as more number of women voted them to power.